Awards and Recognition

DedicatedEngineers' Awards and Recognition Program seeks to give wide public recognition to deserving organizations, programs, projects, general efforts and (especially) individuals (the “faces of engineering”). Besides our own awards, DedicatedEngineers also seeks to publicize other key awards programs.


DedicatedEngineers Awards

Other Awards Programs

DedicatedEngineers Awards:

Academic All-American Awards

Recognizing college seniors ranked within the top 1% of their overall engineering class at their college or university.

 Public Benefit Awards

Recognizing the efforts of both individuals and organizations yielding significant public benefit. Examples include:

  • Community service learning projects/programs.

  • Applied academic research projects having significant positive societal implications.

  • Volunteer projects/programs undertaken by engineering firms/groups in their communities.

While relatively an open awards category, all nominated efforts must either significantly involve engineering efforts or be conducted/performed by engineers (or engineering organizations) and not consist of (or be a part of) any for-profit efforts (see DedicatedEngineers’ separate “Engineering Practice Awards” category for recognition of for-profit efforts).

 Engineering Practice Awards

Recognizing “high positive impact” projects/products and the individuals behind those projects/products. Eligible project/product categories include:

--- Agriculture

--- Energy

--- Medical/Health
--- Communications

--- Environmental

--- Safety
--- Education

--- Infrastructure/Public Works

--- Transportation

Projects/products selected will be based on the positive impact made on their intended audience or our nation/the world as a whole. Nomination of projects/products of all budget sizes and all levels of impact (i.e., national, state, or local) is encouraged.

Public Awareness of Engineering Awards

Recognizing the efforts of both individuals and organizations aimed at raising public awareness of engineering. Both voluntary and other efforts will be recognized.

Annual Leadership Awards (“Spirit of Engineering Awards” Awards)

Awarded annually to individuals and organizations that most reflect/embody the spirit and essence of DedicatedEngineers through their efforts/actions, whether on behalf of DedicatedEngineers or otherwise.

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Other Awards Programs:

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) is the world's largest pre-college science fair. Annually, over one million students in grades 9-12 compete in regional science fairs and nearly 500 affiliated fairs held around the world. From that preliminary competition, some 1,200 students from 40+ countries are selected to compete in the Finals (held each May) for over $3 million in scholarships and prizes.

Dedicated Engineers salutes the nearly 200 student Finalists who competed in the Engineering category - they represent the future of engineering as well as serve as role models to their peers and to younger students!


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