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Overview: "Making A Difference" / "The New Face of Engineering"

Our Program Areas and Focal Points

Organizational Status and Structure

Overview: "Making A Difference" / "The New Face of Engineering"


Engineers Dedicated to a Better Tomorrow (a.k.a., DedicatedEngineers) is a charitable non-profit organization [IRS 501(c)(3)-approved] dedicated to “making a difference,” both in terms of advancing the engineering profession as well as in helping improve the world through the practice of engineering. We operate in three Program Areas (Pre-College, College, and Professional Practice), undertaking a variety of efforts (see below).

But beyond our "nuts and bolts" activities, DedicatedEngineers serves a second, more symbolic purpose that in some ways is even more important than our specific work efforts, namely that as an organization – and through our members, sponsors and other supporters – DedicatedEngineers seeks to represent "The New Face of Engineering," one capturing:

  • The tremendous ability of engineers to improve society, better local communities, our nation and the world, and positively touch people's lives on a daily basis.
  • The passion of engineers at work, loving what they do, as captured in our use of the coined title “Dedicated Engineer."

In our "New Face" role, we seek to serve as a rallying point and source of pride for both practicing engineers and engineering students, as well as for our sponsoring/supporting organizations. Furthermore, through showcasing specific demonstrations of this “New Face,” we look to:

  • Inspire today’s youth – particularly the "best and brightest" – to aspire to become tomorrow’s engineers.
  • Inspire today’s engineers – both practicing engineers and engineering students – to use their unique talents, knowledge and abilities to “do good and do well,” yielding a better world for all to enjoy.

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Our Program Areas and Focal Points

Our programmatic activities are based within three Program Areas, namely:

  1. Pre-College, where DedicatedEngineers focuses on:
    • Promoting engineering as a career to pre-college youth.

    • Aiding pre-college students looking to pursue engineering studies and careers.

    • Supporting integration of engineering concepts/curricula into K-12 education.

    • Honoring outstanding students, teachers and programs.

  1. College, where DedicatedEngineers focuses on:
    • Promoting community service/service-learning opportunities for engineering students.

    • Promoting learning opportunities outside the classroom (research, competitions, internships, etc.).

    • Supporting integration of design/design concepts into college curricula.

    • Encouraging integration of key non-technical issues into engineering curricula, including engineering ethics and the implications/effects of engineering/technology on society.

    • Helping prepare engineering students for “life in the real world.”

    • Honoring outstanding students, faculty and programs.

  2. Professional Practice, where DedicatedEngineers focuses on:
    • Showcasing key engineering projects/engineered products, including featuring the individual engineers and collective teams behind them.

    • Promoting and supporting general public awareness of engineering activities/programs.

    • Identifying opportunities for working professionals to: 1) give back to their communities or society as a whole, 2) help in recruiting pre-college youth to engineering studies and careers, and 3) help in mentoring/supporting students studying engineering.

    • Identifying professional resources of particular interest/value to young engineers.

    • Honoring outstanding individuals, firms/other entities, and programs.

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Organizational Status and Structure

DedicatedEngineers is incorporated (and based) in the State of California as a non-profit public benefit corporation, organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (and has received formal recognition as such by the IRS).

DedicatedEngineers maintains a standard non-profit organizational structure - it is governed overall by a Board of Directors in accordance with a standard set of Bylaws as formally adopted by the Board. DedicatedEngineers is an independent organization and is not formally affiliated with any other organization or entity.

Funding for DedicatedEngineers is obtained through solicitation of tax-deductible charitable contributions from both individuals and organizations. As part of such solicitations, formal sponsorship opportunities are offered, principally aimed at:

  • Businesses (Engineering Design Firms, High-Tech Firms, Manufacturers, etc.)

  • Charitable Foundations

  • Governmental Entities

Given the general nature of our mission and our specific activities (in particular, our information clearinghouse and outreach/networking activities), DedicatedEngineers works/interacts with a number of interested parties, including:

  • Colleges, Universities and Other Educational Entities (e.g., K-12-Focused Groups)

  • Engineering Societies and Associations

  • Relevant Non-Profit Organizations and Programs

  • Governmental Entities

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