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Welcome to DedicatedEngineers! We are a charitable/educational non-profit dedicated to “making a difference,” both in terms of advancing the engineering profession, as well as in helping improve the world through the practice of engineering.  In carrying out our mission, we seek to act as a clearinghouse for providing relevant information and resources of interest to the “professional” audience (i.e., practicing engineers), including career resources, recognition of professional accomplishments, and opportunities to "give back" to your community/society and/or the engineering profession. Enjoy!


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DedicatedEngineers operates in three Program Areas - Pre-College, College and Professional Practice. Our Professional Practice Program focuses on:

  • Showcasing key engineering projects/engineered products, including featuring the individual engineers and collective teams behind them.
  • Promoting general public awareness of engineering.
  • Identifying opportunities for working professionals to: 1) give back to their communities or society as a whole, 2) help in recruiting pre-college youth to engineering studies and careers and 3) help in mentoring/supporting engineering students.
  • Identifying professional resources of particular interest/value to young engineers.


All our professional-related resources are compiled on our Professional Resources webpage, based on the following established categories:

  • Information Clearinghouses – Resources, resources, and more resources!

  • General Public Awareness Programs/Events – Get involved in National Engineers Week!

  • Engineering Accomplishments – Explore the profession’s accomplishments!

  • Engineering Awards – Honoring individuals and projects!

  • Mentoring Programs – Become a mentor today!

  • Community Service – Get involved in giving back!

  • Ethics Resources/Orgs – For dealing with tough situations!

  • Professional Resources for Young Engineers – Help for dealing with the “real world”!

  • Leading Engineering Design Firms – A “who’s-who” of employers!

  • Professional Societies – Helping you in the “real-world”!


At DedicatedEngineers, we seek to accentuate the positive, particularly through our extensive Awards and Recognition program. Check out our competitive Awards program for specific formal opportunities (such as our Engineering Practice Awards and our Public Awareness of Engineering Awards), but also let us know about organizations, programs, projects, general efforts and individuals that, while not fitting neatly into one of our formal Awards categories, you believe deserve wide public recognition through DedicatedEngineers – if we agree, we’ll make sure that they are appropriately recognized.


With a tax-deductible charitable contribution of just $25 or more, you can join us as a member, receiving all of the following member benefits:

  1. A Membership Certificate suitable for proudly displaying your status as a “Dedicated Engineer.”

  2. A free subscription to DedicatedEngineers’ Newsletter (providing: current news, events, member/supporter profiles, thought-provoking commentary and analysis, etc.).

  3. Eligibility in DedicatedEngineers’ members-only Awards and Recognition Program (recognizing outstanding organizations, programs, and individuals, including practicing engineers, college faculty, and students).

  4. Discounts on publications and other materials offered by or through DedicatedEngineers.

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