Three Online Guides To U.S. Colleges Launched:

New Websites Identify Schools Offering Degree Programs In

Engineering, Engineering Technology, And Computer Science

MENLO PARK, California-A trio of websites have been launched by Engineers Dedicated to a Better Tomorrow (a.k.a., DedicatedEngineers) aimed at helping students pursue studies in engineering, engineering technology, and computer science. The three websites are:

Each website contains a search engine that allows students to identify prospective schools based on a wide variety of criteria. Students can then click on a particular school's name to obtain a descriptive profile of the school selected. In addition, each website offers a variety of information and resources on careers in each respective field of study is provided to help students in their pursuits.

“These websites are designed to serve as a valuable ‘one-stop’ source of information and resources for students,” stated Jeff Staudinger, Executive Director of DedicatedEngineers. “They were specifically designed with prospective students in mind and take advantage of the ability of the Internet to quickly and easily provide relevant information 24/7. Overall, these websites represent a great addition to existing efforts aimed at recruiting students to computing and engineering careers.”

Engineers Dedicated to a Better Tomorrow (a.k.a., DedicatedEngineers) is a charitable non-profit organization [IRS 501(c)(3)-approved] that is dedicated to “making a difference,” both in terms of advancing the engineering profession, as well as in helping improve the world through the practice of engineering.

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